National Press ABCs: November 2005

The Audit Bureau of Circulations has released circulation figures for national newspapers for November 2005.

National Press ABCs: November 2005
National Press ABCs: November 2005

National morning popular

Daily Mirror: 1,671,950 (down 0.75% month-on-month and down 4.35% year-on-year)

Daily Record: 442,546 (down 2.58% month-on-month and down 5.32% year-on-year)

Daily Star: 795,308 (down 3.01% month-on-month and down 6.01% year-on-year)

The Sun: 3,192,976 (down 0.98% month-on-month and down 1.42% year-on-year)

Total: 6,102,780 (down 1.3% month-on-month and down 1.42% year-on-year)

National morning mid-market

Daily Express: 796,592 (down 1.76% month-on-month and down 10.75% year-on-year)

Daily Mail: 2,341,437 (down 0.39% month-on-month and down 2.56% year-on-year)

Total: 3,138,029 (down 0.74% month-on-month and down 4.78% year-on-year)

National morning quality

The Daily Telegraph: 903,405 (up 0.19% month-on-month and down 1.48% year-on-year)

Financial Times: 431,806 (up 3% month-on-month and up 1.54% year-on-year)

The Herald: 76,159 (up 0.82% month-on-month and down 4.33% year-on-year)

The Guardian: 401,029 (down 0.56% month-on-month and up 6.29% year-on-year)

The Independent: 263,449 (down 1.34% month-on-month and up 0.44% year-on-year)

The Scotsman: 65,932 (up 0.32% month-on-month and down 4.17% year-on-year)

The Times: 691,283 (down 1.74% month-on-month and up 1.34% year-on-year)

Total: 2,832,523 (down 0.1% month-on-month and up 0.74% year-on-year)

National morning free

Metro (UK-wide): 1,010,928 (up 0.05% month-on-month and up 0.38% year-on-year)

National morning sporting

Racing Post: 74,570 (up 0.02% month-on-month and down 1.9% year-on-year)

London evening

Evening Standard: 346,489 (up 5.24% month-on-month and down 6.56% year-on-year)

Standard Lite: 71,797

National Sunday popular

Daily Star Sunday: 395,708 (down 2.23% month-on-month and down 15.35% year-on-year)

News of the World: 3,733,025 (down 1.08% month-on-month and up 2.81% year-on-year)

Sunday Mail: 538,971 (down 1.85% month-on-month and down 8.76% year-on-year)

Sunday Mirror: 1,421,348 (down 2.5% month-on-month and down 10.7% year-on-year)

The People: 870,389 (down 3.88% month-on-month and down 6.51% year-on-year)

Sunday Sport: 147,241 (down 0.77% month-on-month and down 4.74% year-on-year)

Total: 7,106,682 (down 1.83% month-on-month and down 3.53% year-on-year)

National Sunday mid-market

Sunday Express: 871,312 (up 5.1% month-on-month and down 12.52% year-on-year)

The Mail on Sunday: 2,337,740 (up 1.98% month-on-month and down 7.67% year-on-year)

Total: 3,209,052 (up 2.81% month-on-month and down 9.04% year-on-year)

National Sunday quality

Independent on Sunday: 225,629 (down 1.92% month-on-month and up 6.34% year-on-year)

The Business: 171,983 (down 3.67% month-on-month and down 21.32% year-on-year)

The Observer: 436,882 (down 3.3% month-on-month and down 5.02% year-on-year)

Scotland on Sunday: 83,449 (down 0.88% month-on-month and up 0.02% year-on-year)

Sunday Herald: 61,452 (up 5.7% month-on-month and up 3.04% year-on-year)

The Sunday Telegraph: 714,992 (up 8.1% month-on-month and up 2.98% year-on-year)

The Sunday Times: 1,395,046 (down 0.68% month-on-month and up 2.31% year-on-year)

Total: 3,089,433 (down 0.67% month-on-month and down 0.07% year-on-year)

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